Odalisque's expo 2023 is open !

News / 12 June 2023

The annual exhibition of odalisque's atelier is open from 12/06 to 24/06 every day between 9am and 6pm at st. Benoit (86) France, in the monks' dormitory !

Come and have a drink and discuss art, living models and workshop practices with the designers on 22/06, at 6 p.m.

XP-Pen innovator first test

General / 05 May 2021

I've just got me a XP pen innovator 16 for 400€ to replace my good old intuos Pro L.

It's a whole new set of habit to develop but having eyes and hand at the sme spot, it's very confortable.

On the plus hand, the tablet seems to react perfectly, without lag or paralax default.

Color, resolution are great.

On the other hand, the screen feel a bit small (specially in height).

here a firts sketch to test accuracy...


3D shadow box

General / 04 April 2020
First post and it's an help demand :D

I have access to 3DS max (teaching position) but I am not trained to use it optimally!
I would like to use it for observation drawing.

I'm looking for a 3DS file and parameters to display simple STL renderings with simple lighting (only one source, point or directional) and set (one plan to sit objects on) but in a realistic manner : occlusion shadow, ambient light ...

Does anyone have something like that?